Pricing Structure

Fees are generally payable on all unsolicited manuscripts. On agreement of contract, we charge an initial fee to cover the costs of setting up your book. Fees average £695 + VAT for books of less than 200 pages and £995 + VAT for larger books. Authors receive a permanent discount of 35% on copies of their book, rising to 50% discount on orders of over 50 copies.

Recommended retail prices are estimated per page count, rather than page size. Ebooks are priced at 60–75% of paperback price. The following table provides only a rough guide.

Number of Pages RRP Number of Pages PAPERBACK RRP HARDBACK RRP
100 6.99
150 7.99
200 8.99
250 9.99 Up to 300 21.99 43.99
300 12.99 300+ 25.99 49.99
400+ 39.99 59.99
500+ 49.99 75.99

Other Possible Charges

We have no hidden charges, but sometimes special circumstances arise which incur costs, the most common being:

Copyright Licenses: Some works, perhaps those quoting large amounts of biblical text, images, or quoting hymns/songs, or using rare fonts for ancient script (such as Egyptian hieroglyphics), require royalty payments to be made to the owners of copyright of said materials. All such fees are the responsibility of the author.

We are happy to handle all copyright and licensing negotiations on your behalf, and we will bill you the actual cost for any licenses plus a £65 + VAT admin charge.

Editorial Charges: Should the author wish to make alterations after approving a proof for publication, a flat admin fee of £65 + VAT will be charged for interior changes, plus £65 + VAT for cover changes. This charge covers ebook, paperback and Hardback versions (you will not be charged for each format separately) and accurately reflects the cost incurred by us, as we are charged by our distributors for each revision.


There is no charge for including illustrations, graphs etc provided by the author UNLESS they are of inadequate quality and need to be remade. We can correct illustrations for an admin fee of £65 + VAT per illustration/diagram.

We cannot accept photos for inclusion in any work unless they are of high enough quality (600DPI or above, or encapsulated vector images) and the author owns the relevant copyright licence. We are able to include color stock photos in book interiors if requested, and the license fee will be charged to the author at cost price plus 10% admin fee. Please note that color interiors will increase the RRP of your book.

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