About our Christian Book Publishing Services

Some key facts about Faithbuilders Christian book publishing:


  • Our Christian book publishing program focuses on original books with faith-building content from both established and first-time authors.
  • We are specialists in Christian book publishing, and that can include: Bible study guides, children’s Bible or faith based stories, Lent / Easter / Christmas / Advent / Pentecost resources, devotionals, evangelism, fiction, theology titles and many more.
  • We are a family run business. As a result our customer service is professional yet personal.
  • Yes, we actually enjoy reading your manuscript submissions and working with our authors!
  • Our titles are distributed by Marston Book Services, Oxford UK and represented in the UK/Eire by Lion Sales Services.
  • In the USA our titles are distributed and represented by Wipf and Stock, Oregon www.wipfandstock.com
  • We have a Christian statement of faith. We endeavour to be true to Scripture, yet flexible enough to work with Christians from a wide variety of traditions and backgrounds.

Faithbuilders Christian Book Publishing

Founded in 2015 as Faithbuilders (formerly Apostolos) is a Christian family business, and an independent Christian publisher. We work hard for our authors to give them the best chance of standing out in today’s over-crowded market.

We publish across a variety of genres for the Christian market, including children’s books, Christian fiction, and Christian nonfiction (theology, Biblical studies, church history, commentaries, etc.) and ministry resources (e.g. small group study, devotional, and evangelism).

Although we commission most of our own titles, we ALWAYS consider unsolicited work from both new and established writers. Our submission process is friendly and about as efficient as we can make it (see “submit a manuscript.”)

Alongside our traditional publishing model, we offer the ‘hybrid’ model of publishing contracts. This method, which is increasingly popular, allows us to offer contracts based on merit rather than our assessment of potential sales.  (View a SAMPLE Author Contract.) Under the hybrid model, the author may be asked to cover part of the cost of publishing that book. It is only when our editors have reviewed the complete manuscript thoroughly that we will be able to decide which avenue would be most suitable for that book. When fees are requested, we ensure that they compare very favourably with our competitors.

Once a manuscript is accepted, and a contract (with or without fees) signed, we provide editing, typesetting, interior and cover design, proofreading etc. to ensure the highest quality of the product released.

We produce trade paperback (and in some cases hardback) and eBook across many readers. We have a worldwide distribution – in print by the highly respected UK firm with proven global track record, Marston Book Services (Distributor of the Year 2016), in the USA with Wipf and Stock, and digitally with a global leader in print and digital media distribution, Ingram. Your book will be available internationally from all leading retail and trade outlets (e.g. Amazon – including Kindle – iStore, Gardners, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble). Our titles are also now available in Braille, large print, and as audiobooks. Please contact us for details.

Our books have been featured and reviewed in Christian magazines and theological journals. Our authors have been invited to book signings and have been interviewed by newspapers and radio. We support our author’s efforts to promote their work by blogging, and social media and traditional adverts in publications such as Premier Christian Magazine, Evangelical Times, Evangelicals Now, The Baptist Times, Direction Magazine, Woman Alive, Inspire, CLC catalogue, Eden catalogue, the Journal of Biblical Literature and Church of England newspapers. We  attend book fairs including Christian Resources Together UK, Christian Resources Exhibition and the London Bookfair. Our team of experienced sales reps present our new titles regularly to Christian bookshops and trade outlets across the UK and Eire, as well as overseas.

We give all our authors a generous royalty share of up to 10% of RRP on print sales & 5% of RRP for ebooks. The RRP of published works is kept to a reasonable level, with authors given a 35% discount on copies of their book rising to 50% for orders of 50+ copies. Also, ebook versions are offered at a substantially lower price than printed versions – meaning more readers (especially students) will be able to access your work.

Faithbuilders Publishing
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