Gospel Tracts

Our Faithbuilders gospel tracts are a high quality, biblical, effective and inexpensive way for every Christian who takes the Great Commission seriously.
Use our tracts for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. We supply churches, evangelists, book shops and individuals with our Christian outreach resources. Each of our Bible based tracts feature the timeless truth of the Gospel presented in modern, relevant terms and understandable language. Full color, professionally produced eye-catching designs and measure A6 size (4 pages)printed on glossy paper.

What are Gospel Tracts?

Gospel tracts contain brief evangelistic messages for non-believers, and are focused on the Word of God. When we give a bible tract, it is like planting a seed which God can use to bring a soul to eternal life. Any one can share their faith by using Gospel Tracts, which is why literature evangelism remains one of the simplest ways to fulfil the Great Commission, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” – Mark 16:15

Each of our evangelistic resources clearly, concisely, and effectively tells teh story of humanity’s sin and God’s way salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel with a simple leaflet can mean the difference between life and death, Heaven or in Hell, for those we reach. God’s message is easy to understand, and now it is easier to share. God’s voice can still be heard in your community, as you share his word about God’s love for the sinner and his giving of a Savior, Jesus. This is where Gospel tracts can play a powerful role. A single tract can be used by the Lord as a voice of testimony to His Word, convicting of sin, and drawing a soul to the Savior.

Christians of all ages, all over the country, are sharing their faith by using our Faithbuilders Gospel tracts. When you give someone a gospel tract in door to door, or street evangelism, people no longer struggle with how to start conversations about spiritual things.

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