A Tale of Two Prophets


An inspiring and absorbing retelling of the life and and encounters of Elijah and Elisha for the 21st century.



‘The renowned prophet – greatness pouring forth from his most recent victory – walked about the mountaintop alone. He stood for a moment, his hands lifted high in a deep soul cry to God as he prayed and waited and waited. He wondered why the waiting never got any easier…he had surely done enough in his lifetime and yet it seemed, there was always more to come.’

In this vivid and intriguing retelling of the lives of Elijah and Elisha, Old Testament tales, both familiar and not so familiar, weave in and out of a freshly imagined backdrop; natural disasters, private tragedies and political intrigues converge with spiritual battles, angelic ministrations and divine interventions.

‘When the Lord answers and sends his word, when obedience opens the door, when a hope is realized, then a prophet can sing and rest in the true knowledge that his God is enough.’