Beyond Grief


Beyond Grief follows a journey of faith, courage, and determination. Although incredibly sad at times, it preserves a sense of humour and honesty.

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Just a woman?

Maybe, maybe not! For many miss Angela in a different way to a normal person, because of her good nature, spirit and faith.

The death of a beloved wife from cancer leads a husband into new territory asking questions and experiencing doubts which shake the foundations of his world. He finds himself suddenly thrust into the life of being a single parent bringing up a six-year-old daughter without the help of a mother.

Along the way there are further experiences of loss which add to the unfolding drama of life, love, hope and death, ultimately giving him a fresh perspective to the way he interprets the meaning of his existence. At the turn of every corner there seems to be yet another challenge, not to mention the start of a worldwide pandemic of unparalleled proportions!