Crime, Psychiatry & the Bible


A unique perspective of offences that occur in the bible from the viewpoint of a Christian consultant Forensic Psychiatrist.



Drawing greatly on the author’s experience as a consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, together with his theological qualifications, this unique book examines specific offences that are detailed in Scripture.

It looks at them primarily from a psychiatric perspective, together with the theological elements contained in each biblical record. To aid the reader, technical terms are kept to a minimum, and where present, are explained in readily understandable terms.

The introduction outlines key elements of Hebrew, Roman, and contemporary law in order to provide the legal background to the Bible, to show how these relate it to the contemporary context. Various crimes recorded in Scripture (including murder, manslaughter, rape, arson, and treason) are discussed, together with an evaluation of the characters involved, the psychiatric elements of the story, and its current significance in today’s society.

Presenting Scripture from a different perspective from that conventionally employed by theologians, our understanding and appreciation of the issues involved can enhanced, especially in relation to our contemporary situations occurring in the world today.