Finding God’s Will: Reaffirming the Sufficiency of Scripture


Can anything be more important in this life than knowing God's will and doing it? As many Christians seek guidance, this book offers Scriptural answers.

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Can anything be more important in this life than knowing God’s will and doing it? Nonetheless, large numbers of Christians are confused about this very thing. Why is this? You believe your Bible. You accept that it is the final authority on all matters pertaining to your life of faith. God’s voice is certainly and surely there on every page. But, is God’s voice also heard elsewhere: by circumstances, coincidence, or miraculous spiritual gifts? This book offers Scriptural answers to all these questions.

“As the evangelical church is increasingly willing to jettison the authority of the Word of God in order to embrace various forms of mysticism, there are a few men who are willing to call us back to the sufficiency of Scripture. Colin Hamer is one such man. While many are riding the waves of the current fads and philosophies of our times, Hamer anchors us in the timeless truth of God’s revelation.” – Gary Gilley, Pastor of Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois

“This book ought to be read by all Christians. Colin Hamer gives valuable, biblical insight into what is for many a perplexing issue–how to know God’s will. If the advice given here is followed, many will have peace of mind and be saved from much time-wasting in looking for what God has not chosen to reveal.” – Tom Holland, Director of Biblical Research, Wales Evangelical School of Theology

About the Author

Colin Hamer (PhD, Chester University) served for many years as an elder of Grace Baptist Church in the UK. He has degrees from the University of Liverpool and the University of Wales, and studied for his PhD at Union School of Theology. He has been married for more than 40 years and has two children and seven grandchildren.

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14th July 2017


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