Freedom from the Past, Freedom for the Future


Healing past hurts, discovering God’s will and being filled with the Spirit.

In this book Derek Prince addresses three of the biggest issues in the Christian life.



Divided into three sections, the first deals with the problem of past hurts and particularly the issue of rejection. All of us have suffered rejection at some point in our lives and the author applies clear biblical principles
to bring readers into a place of release and freedom.

The second section deals with understanding and cooperating with God’s will for our life. Every believer wants to know “What is God’s will for me?” but it is an area in which it is easy to become confused. The author gives helpful guidelines and principles to help us discover and obey God’s will.

The final section deals with what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to live a Spirit-empowered life. All this combines to provide a helpful book for every Christian who wants to experience “Freedom from
the Past and Freedom for the Future.”