Galatians: Faithbuilders Bible Study Guide


A simple verse by verse guide to the Letter of Saint Paul to the Galatians for individual or group use. Every chapter has thought provoking discussion questions to aid study and sample answers are provided. Christians from a wide variety of church denominations have already benefitted from using Faithbuilders studies.


Galatians Bible Study Guide

This book is a simple verse by verse guide to the Letter of Saint Paul to the Galatians. Use it for your own individual or group study. Read thought provoking discussion questions to aid study; with sample answers.

  • The full Bible text is quoted (New English Translation).
  • Unlike in most group studies, a complete commentary of every part of the text is given.
  • Academics are praising the authors’ ability to express sound biblical scholarship in simple words.
  • The authors focus on the original meaning of the text, and encourage personal response to it.
  • This book is suitable for Christian groups of all persuasions.

Hundreds of Christians already benefit from using Faithbuilders studies.


We are told very little in Acts about Paul’s ministry in the province of Galatia, but it is evident that Paul’s founded several churches there. We have no further details about how many people believed, or how they were converted to Christ. For instance, Acts records no Galatian miracles, even though Paul refers to them in Gal 3:5.

Paul writes (some time later) because false teachers had infiltrated the churches in Galatia. They tried to undermine Paul’s preaching of the gospel of God’s grace. The letter to the Galatians also reveals several characteristics of these opponents (especially in 1:6–9 and 6:11–18), but never names them precisely. Most believe these men were Judaizers. They were teaching converts to Christ to be circumcised and obey the laws of Moses. They believed that people could only be fully assured of a right standing with God if they did so. Paul refutes these false teachers with solid gospel teaching. The letter focuses on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and our faith in him as the only way to be in a right relationship with God.

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