Go Dream: A DIY guide to Dream Interpretation


Dreams are such a part of God’s design for us and his way of speaking of his love and purpose to us. Mark has written a fantastic guide to dreams and their interpretation to help us understand the mysteries of dreams and to understand the voice of our creator who knows and loves us intimately… Get ready to grow, learn, be activated and to bless many!”  Kate Smith



On average, we spend 33% of our lives sleeping. Even when we are asleep, our spirit is still awake even though our body is not. Our dreams are bridges that connect us with the supernatural realm where we access divine creativity. It is not surprising therefore that people in history have attributed many inventions and creativity to dreams.

This book introduces the principles, process and application of Biblical dream interpretation in both faith-based and secular arenas. It explores the two key components of dream interpretation namely (1) ‘skill is acquired’ and (2) ‘revelation is given’. The book shows how a dream can change a nation by connecting with the love of God, our heavenly blueprint and our purpose and destiny.

My hope and prayer is that this book will be a springboard and not a ceiling; and you will be led more deeply into the love songs of heaven over you.