Go to the Land of Moriah


This is an incredible book, written by an ordinary but amazing couple who obeyed the call of God upon their lives and in so doing transformed the lives of many others.

I thoroughly recommend it, if only for the testimony to the Lord’s keeping power of His people Israel.  But it is much more than that as you will see as you walk with them through one seemingly impossible situation to another.”  Beryl Moore



Proclaim His greatness, let the whole world know what He has done.” 1 Chronicles 16:8 (NLT)

The second Palestinian Intifada which started in 2000 brought bombs and suicide bombers onto the streets of Israel causing devastating loss of life. The economy suffered terribly as tourism abruptly stopped, leading to mass unemployment and hardship.

In 2001 God called Tony and Kathy Stewart to begin the Mount Moriah Trust to help and support the needy believers in the land of Israel, both spiritually and financially. By obeying the call of God on their lives, the lives of many others have been transformed.

Starting with Messianic Jewish believers (“First for the Jew”) their work expanded to include Christian Arabs living in Israel followed by Christian Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank (“One new man in Christ”). The Trust now works with over thirty congregations to relieve hardship and suffering among believers.

This powerful book tells the amazing journey, sharing the impact on lives in these areas in Kathy’s words and also the testimonies of many people in the book the Trust has supported.  It also tells the connection with her generational line and Israel, and how in the 1970’s they spent many months working there.