God and I: Our Conversations


Neelam Challoner shares her true story and journey as a British Asian who found faith in Jesus Christ and how this relationship and His voice took her through tragedies and triumphs. Through this colourful illustrated book she shares her conversations with God and her heart with the world. Includes a powerful invitation for every reader.

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From a Hindu upbringing, Neelam spent her youth searching for answers to some of life’s fundamental questions. There was a God – but who He was and how He could be found, she just wasn’t sure. When her parents became born-again Christians, Neelam initially refused to entertain the idea – she stuck to her Hindu roots but kept fervently seeking. Then an invitation to a church led her to a profound and life-changing discovery of God in all His glory.
Accepting Yeshua-Jesus into her life gave Neelam many of the answers she had been looking for. But she still had much to learn. She discovered how to trust God not only in times filled with happiness and love, but also during moments of tragedy and heartbreak. At moments of need, the voice of God has spoken to her, to instruct, to comfort and to reassure.
These conversations with God are collected together in this book, in which Neelam shares her extraordinary journey of faith, and how you can hear from God.

Neelam is a visionary, with an Entrepreneurial spirit, she is the founder and owner of Designer Life Coaching, coaching, developing and releasing potential in others and passionate about Human potential-particularly from a God perspective. Neelam and her husband run a small ministry, ‘One New Man’ in South Bucks England www.GodandI.co.uk 


Why this book?
“What do you want me to do?” This is a question I ask God on a regular basis. It could be prompted by a particular situation or time, or simply a request for guidance. I was working out on my cross trainer one morning, and in my heart I was asking God my Father this question. That was when the inspiration for this book came to me. I felt compelled to share how God has been so important, relevant and evident in my life. I heard an answer – a voice – rise up from within me, “Write and testify what I have done – share this with others.” Somehow, I knew, without a shadow of doubt, this was to become God and I: Our Conversations.

I knew that this did not come from me, but from the Holy Spirit – and here I am, writing this book under divine inspiration, as a message that God is real, and He talks and walks with those who call upon Him. The purpose of this book is simply to describe my experience with God and His hand upon my life. To share our intimate moments, our conversations. I am a seeker and the questions in my heart are always answered.

One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple. Psalm 27:4 (ONM)

God has done many things in my life, but I have selected a few key conversations and seasons to share with you.

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