How Western Anti-Racism Harms Africa and How We Can Do Better


According to this collection of essays, when secular Westerners try to avoid being racist, they end up ignoring cultural complexity. “To be not-racist is to solve the problems of America be transporting them to Africa,” suggests Jim Harries, following 33 years of living as a white person in African community.


We are still locked into parts of the ideological network of a culture that we think and presume that we have surpassed… The nightmare of the ideologies and categories of racism continue to repeat upon the living.‘   Robert J C Young

The West’s failure to acknowledge cultural differences smothers African truth. The outcome: misguided thinking and policy for the continent. Today’s anti-racism discourages local initiative and instead motivates African people to constantly borrow foreign thinking. The Achilles heel of anti-racism: taking ‘Western secularism’ as its norm, conceals the work of the Gospel… So, what would be a healthier approach?