Preparing for the Economic Storm: The Church in an Age of Austerity


This book is about how God is preparing His people and His Church for the many different tidal waves that are threatening our shores, including the coming economic storm, and how to get ready, like Joseph, to ride on the back of these waves, for the saving of many.

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Many people are asking the question, ‘What in the world is happening?’ Derrick Burns seeks to answer that question by looking at some of the signs of our times. He talks of global shifts in weather patterns, economics and governments. I have no hesitation in recommending this as an illuminating challenge to get ready and to prepare for an incredibly difficult future – one that is vastly different to the past. So this is a prophetic book.”  Brian Mills

What this book has to say is raw, urgent, wide-ranging and clear, being full of conviction without one half-hearted sentence.”  Viv Thomas

Strategic is his thinking and faith-filled as ever, Derrick homes in on key themes for the Church at a crucial time.”  Phil Goodchild

‘How Christians can ‘re-tool’ and lead the way through a self-destructing world’ is what I would have titled Derrick’s fresh and hugely practical piling up of ideas.”  Rev. Dr. Greg Livingston