Semănătorul: Theology Journal of Ministry and Biblical Research Vol 1.2


Semănătorul (The Sower): The Journal of Ministry and Biblical Research, Volume 1 Issue 2 is a Theology Journal produced through the collaboration of Emanuel University Press.


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About the Theology Journal

This is the second issue of Volume 1 of “Semănătorul (The Sower): The Emanuel Journal of Ministry and Biblical Research.” It contains the proceedings of the Bi-Annual International Theological Conference. This was held in Emanuel University, Oradea, in November 2016. The title of the Conference was: “Aspects of Missiological and Theological Thought: Challenges in the Twenty-First Century.” The papers presented include some given in person by various colleagues of the Emanuel Faculty; others were given via Skype or by invitation.

We are grateful for the commitment of members of the Emanuel faculty, the collaboration of Emanuel University Press, the Emanuel “Ethics and Society” Research Centre. We are also grateful for the contribution of distinguished colleagues from the Irish Baptist College and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
This second issue includes a range of papers on “Aspects” of Mission and Theological thought. The Journal opens with a paper on modern definitions of mission and a focus on Paul as a missionary apostle. It discusses his motivation, strategy and the mission churches he founded in Ephesus and Crete. The paper on the Eucharist in Romanian perspective reminds us that the celebration of the Lord’s Supper is memorial in character. It brings blessing through comprehending the risen Christ by faith. It also provides an opportunity for a visible act of proclamation of the Lord’s death.

Theology Journal Papers

Other papers in the theology journal focus upon Andrew Fuller, Secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society in 1792. His theological perspective made such an impact on missionary thinking in the nineteenth century. The life and work of Rodger Williams is examined, until his work on Rhode Island. One paper considers Alexander Carson’s use of the theme of the atonement as an apologetic tool. The essence of Carson’s argument is that the uniqueness of the Gospel with its focus on the atonement, could never have been worked out by the human mind demonstrates the truth of God’s existence.

There are further papers on Melchizedek, with a particular emphasis of his relation to the pre-existent Christ. Plus a study of the doxologies of 1 Timothy, setting out Paul’s various reasons for including them in his letter. They would challenge the heretical teachings in Ephesus and particularly provide the believers with a true understanding of the only true God. Moreover, they would deeply influence their lives and lead them to witness and truly worship him. A further paper on the centrifugal and centripetal aspects of mission presents us with a challenge for reaching this generation.

I hope the Proceedings Papers on Mission and Theology will challenge all who read them. Of course, it should be understood that the views presented remain those of the contributors.
Hamilton Moore: Editor.

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