The Father’s Blessing Devotional


Wendy’s book on blessings will literally be a blessing to all who read it!”  Barry Adams



From the very start of the book, Wendy takes us on a journey revealing different aspects of a loving Father in heaven who’s heart is full of love for His children. Based on scripture and truth, she starts by laying a foundation of God as a Father who blesses. Then comes The Father’s Blessing, a powerful personal message to each of us made up of Bible verses, laid out like a letter.

There are 40 devotional blessings – messages of truth, each one based on a Bible verse. Don’t rush through them or the short prayer at the end of each one. The impact of them comes from reflection and allowing the truth to bring life where you need it. There are other resources at the back of the book to help you in your life and those you love and care for.

The truth contained in these pages has the potential to change your life forever and take your Christian walk to a new level of relationship with the Father of Love.