The Return of Jesus Christ: The End or the Beginning


This book is a straightforward overview of different ideas and terms used in the debates that have been waged over the years since the Evangelical Awakening of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Good use is made of Old and New Testament scripture to support the aim to stir up Christians to “understand the times” in order to know what kind of people we ought to be in these critical ‘end time’ days”  Rev. Derek Rous



The return of Jesus Christ to the earth has been a doctrine of the Christian faith since its beginning. Jesus himself spoke of His return and it was a confident hope and expectation among believers in apostolic times. Over the succeeding centuries many different interpretations of the Scriptures concerning the return of Christ have developed, leaving many Christians in a degree of confusion.

Mark Dunman explains the various interpretations, assessing what biblical basis there is for them, when and how the doctrine was formulated and weighing them against each other, to allow the reader to judge for themselves which appears to be most convincing.