The Untold Story of Christian Britain


How have Christian men and women contributed to the Britain we know today? John Bradley sets out the answer comprehensively in this detailed work, which is both a detailed history of many aspects of our nation and also a reasoned demonstration of the huge impact of the Christian faith in our life and society.



This book tells how the Christian faith has been foundational to the building of Britain. In a rare approach, John Bradley takes the reader from Roman times to the present day, before taking a look into the future. Starting with the arrival of Christianity in Britain, he relates the way in which it formed the nation’s values and characteristics.

John describes all the important constitutional structures, including Parliament and the political parties, the law and freedom of speech. The development of the economy and trade, care of the poor and health, the status of women, and education are all discussed as the author shows how Christians, known and less known, played their part in all of these features.

First released as ‘The Mansion House of Liberty‘, this updated book is a stimulating, informative and valuable contribution to the debate about Britain’s 21st century identity. John’s blog, accessible on his website: – will keep instances of Christianity’s influence on our culture today up to date. You can also follow this in Twitter at #ChristianityNow or on Facebook.

With superb use of quotations from diverse sources… the book is packed with intelligent, provocative, sometimes disturbing, facts and observations. It makes one think…‘  Baroness Caroline Cox

It is a commonplace to remark that Britain possesses a Christian heritage, but it is rarely spelt out systematically. Now John Bradley has delved into the past to depict some of the main contours of the formative role of faith over the centuries. He clearly shows that the influence of Christianity in national life has been both broad and deep.‘  David Bebbington, Professor of History, University of Stirling

…just wanted to thank you for ‘The Untold Story of Christian Britain’. I was really gripped by the content. You achieve a good balance between depth of detail and looking at the bigger picture.‘  Student, Landon School of Theology