Prepare to be encouraged and stretched; challenged and encouraged; to be empowered and provoked.



What Unzip does so well is question all of our assumptions about the Bible without burning the house down. It allows for movement of the Spirit without throwing out biblical knowledge. It establishes a way that both the Word and Spirit can operate in and through our lives, churches and communities.

The questions Richard asks will help you consider and reconsider your biblical beliefs. He challenges us to know what we believe and why we believe it. He encourages and challenges each of us to know the truth for ourselves and not live off someone else’s interpretation.

Unzip is a book to equip teachers and those with a hunger for God’s word, in how to use their primary source of material: the Bible. This ancient treasure house of spiritual life comes in zipped format. It needs some keys to uncompress the text into glory-revealing, life-giving words for the 21st century world. This book provides those keys.